Speaker Coaching

You are a busy professional:

  • You have presented to clients or spoken in a conference or workshop and want to fine tune your public speaking skills. 
  • You have a big presentation or interview coming up and need to perfect it.  
  • You speak frequently at professional events but have never seen yourself in action. 
  • You have now transitioned to online meetings and presentations, and find yourself needing to adjust.

Speaker Coaching is an effective way to polish your presentation and professional communication skills with a coach who is trusted by all levels of government, business and the media including prominent political figures and broadcasters. You can build the confidence and skills you need for professional and personal success.

How Speaker Coaching Works

Speaker Coaching is available in person and online via a platform of your preference with Ms. Verdun, initially as a 90-minute session. Duration for follow-up sessions will vary.

Prior to your initial session, you will be sent two questionnaires to complete so that your training goals are understood. During the consultation, you are videotaped during a five minute presentation, interview or challenging conversation. You are welcome to share links or videos of recent presentations.  Your strengths and weaknesses are immediately discussed and modifications are suggested and implemented during this intial consultation. Follow-up sessions may be recommended. During follow-up training, weekly communication is encouraged so that your progress can be monitored. Prepare to be transformed.


When you desire a 90-minute session with Ms. Verdun online or in-person, with immediate feedback and written analysis, begin your transformation now.  All written, visual and audio materials are strictly confidential.