Media Articles & Interviews

Ms. Verdun is a frequent contributor to news articles, podcasts and television broadcasts on a variety of voice and public speaking topics. Below you will find links to pending public engagements, articles, videos and podcasts.


Find Your Voice, Live Your Truth (The Insight Shop, May 2019)

Vocal Training and the Speaking Voice (BYURadio, April 2019)

Cultivate & Refine Your Speaking Voice (Smithsonian Associates, April 2019)

Why Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes may have faked a low voice, according to professional vocal coaches (, March 2019)

The Unheard Female Voice (ASHA Leader, February 2019)

Voice Use & Care (Baltimore's 98Rock Morning Show, 2017)

Through the Noise podcast (September 2016)

Would You Really Like Hillary More if She Sounded Different (The Atlantic, August 2016)

The Science Behind Hating Hating Hillary's Voice (The Atlantic, August 2016)

Totally Fried.  (ASHA, February 2016)

A Candidate's Voice May Sway Your Vote (Science Friday, August 15, 2015):