Tips For Smart Phone Use

Smart phones have become part of our everyday life. Use yours optimally! 

  • Speak softly: a smart phone amplifies your voice. Articulate clearly and distinctly.
  • Use an earpiece and position the microphone under your mouth for optimal sound projection.
  • Turn your smart phone ringer off or on vibrate mode during a meeting.
  • Do not text or look at your phone during a business meeting or conversation. If you are taking notes, be sure to alert the speaker that you are doing so.
  • Use good posture while speaking, whether standing or sitting.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to keep your vocal folds moist.
  • Use a hands free device and turn off your car radio or CD while you are speaking to avoid speaking more loudly than you should.
  • Don't text and drive. Speaking is distracting and can divert your attention from the busy traffic around you. 
  • Pronounce the ends of words to slow down your rate of speech and improve speech clarity.
  • Do not speak on your smart phone in a confined public setting. It is impolite to subject others to your conversation.
  • Don't text during dinner with colleagues or family.
  • Smile as you speak. Listeners will hear energy in your voice.